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Murryhill Steel Storage Shed 12fx17f

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Murryhill Steel Storage Shed 12×17 Feet

The Murryhill Garage is a smart and stylish solution for your storage needs. Whether you’re parking your UTV, storing garden items, or setting up a workshop, this prefab steel building provides the space you want at a fraction of the cost of a traditional detached garage. It boasts a generous 12 ft./3.7 m width or 14 ft./3.4 m width with an extra-wide door so it’s large enough to accommodate bulky lawn equipment, over-sized work benches, or even your car or boat. It comes in a variety of lengths from 10 ft. and 31 ft. to ensure you have all the room you need in a size that will comfortably fit your location.

Durably crafted from galvanized steel, the Murryhill Garage resists corrosion and is backed by a 12-year limited warranty. It is equipped with a high-gable roof with reinforced steel trusses for the utmost in strength and stability. It is finished in Flute Gray with Anthracite trim for an attractive aesthetic that will complement the beauty of your home and yard. Its extra-wide roll-up door is wide enough to allow entry and removal of large items while the sliding side door provides easy walk-in access. The Murryhill Garage comes in prefabricated pieces that are cut and drilled to make assembly easy. While a concrete pad is recommended for the sturdiest foundation. However you place it, the ready-to-use pieces and step-by-step instructions make it simple for do-it-yourselfers to construct the garage with the help of friends.

H εξαιρετικά μεγάλη αποθήκη Murryhill είναι η λύση για σημαντικές ανάγκες αποθήκευσης ή χώρο εργαστηρίου / χόμπι. Η roll-up γκαραζόπορτα και η κεκλιμένη οροφή συνδυάζονται ελκυστικά με το ανθεκτικό εξωτερικό χάλυβα επιχρισμένο για να σας δώσει τη μέγιστη αξία στα χρήματα σας για χώρο αποθήκευσης. Μια δεύτερη συρόμενη πλευρική πόρτα επιτρέπει την εύκολη πρόσβαση στα αποθηκευμένα αντικείμενα ή στο χώρο εργασίας σας.

  • Style: Peak
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Color: Flute Gray and Anthracite
  • Door Type: The main Roll-up and the second Sliding Door
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Warranty: 12 years

SIZE 12 x 17 Feet

  • Total Storage Area: 18.60 sq. meter
  • Total Storage Volume: 40.20 cu. meter
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions Width: 371cm
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions Depth: 516m
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions Height: 262cm
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions Width: 358m
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions Depth: 503cm
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions Height: 259cm
  • Main Door Opening Width Top: 241cm
  • Main Door / Entrance Width Bottom: 183cm
  • Main Door / Entrance Height Outside: 183cm
  • Second Door Opening Width Top: 62cm
  • Second Door / Entrance Width Bottom: 181cm
  • Second Door / Entrance Height Outside: 181cm
  • Wall Height: 187cm
  • Peak Height: 71cm
  • Weight: 270kg
  • Packages: 4 boxes (1st 210x87x11cm 100kg)+(2nd 292x19x15cm 35kg)+(3rd 272x57x24cm 60kg)+(4th 232x86x10cm 75kg)

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