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Enfield Steel Storage Shed 8×6 Feet

Add a spacious storage solution to your yard with this Arrow Sheds Enfield garden shed. Featuring an attractive and durable baked-on enamel finish, with strength of rust-resistant galvanized steel. The low-gable roof of this garden shed is reinforced with corrosion-resistant brackets for lasting strength. High walls and double sliding doors allow for easy access so you can comfortably move large or heavy items in and out.

Αποθήκη κήπου μεταλλική από ηλεκτρογαλβανισμένο βαμμένο χάλυβα για μεγάλη αντοχή στη διάβρωση. Χαμηλό αέτωμα με ατσάλινη οροφή. Διπλές συρόμενες πόρτες. Εξαρτήματα πόρτας πλαστικά. 10 χρόνια εγγύηση.

  • Style: Peak
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Color: Dark Green
  • Door Type: Sliding Doors
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 years

SIZE 8 x 6 Feet

  • Total Storage Area: 4 sq. meter
  • Total Storage Volume: 6.7 cu. meter
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions Width: 253cm
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions Depth: 181m
  • Assembled Exterior Dimensions Height: 177cm
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions Width: 241m
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions Depth: 168cm
  • Assembled Interior Dimensions Height: 174cm
  • Door Opening Width Top: 110cm
  • Door / Entrance Width Bottom: 152cm
  • Door / Entrance Height Outside: 152cm
  • Wall Height: 157cm
  • Peak Height: 15cm

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